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Make Fashion Your Own: What I Want to Wear Now

Let’s be honest; I love fashion and the arts. And yes, I do follow trends via mags, the street, and bloggers. However, I  listen to my own drummer and wear what makes me feel like I am expressing myself. So this entry will be just from my little viewpoint, about how I plan on interpreting what I see for myself for the coming season. Take what you want from it, and as always I am always happy to give my opinion on other looks for other people. After all, we don’t all want to look the same.

The maxi skirt and dress is here to stay for awhile, and I have enjoyed wearing both for casual attire. I plan on putting even more maxis into my fall wardrobe.

The over-sized look (a la a cross between the 1980s new romantic look and the 1980s Japanese loose structured designs) is something that is peaking my interest. No balance with this look; think the sloppy Mary Kate Olsen style… big and baggy over big and baggy.  I look forward to wearing a big slouchy sweater over a long skirt.

As I stated in the summer, I am also wearing big bells, whether they be jeans or dress slacks. For me the tighter the upper leg, the better. I will be pairing these with tailored suit jackets for fall, as the suit look is exciting me. I recently wore a vintage men’s plaid suit (with giant platform wedges, of course) and just loved the way I felt. It was the first time in a very long, long time that I had on a pleated front pant, but it worked and actually made me look thinner.

Be creative and be daring–If you make a mistake,  you can usually always run home to change!


McQueen Belle