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ADORE yourself…be authentic!

Here at ADORE, we know how much fashion matters to our customers. That is why we guarantee that all of our items are authentic. When you buy from ADORE, you can rest assured that all of the pieces you purchase are original designer items. In fact, we guarantee it–we offer a 100% refund, including return shipping, for any item called into question. (Our original tag, however, must still be attached to the item, exactly as it was received–if removed and reattached we are unable to accept the return.)

It is against the law to allow counterfeit items to enter the market place knowingly or unknowingly. We do not sell any unauthentic or “replica” items and are very much against this type of crime. We carefully inspect all of our pieces before we accept them to ensure that we have only genuine designer items. So shop with confidence–you’ll be getting only the best from ADORE.