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Cary store under new ownership…

We are excited to announce that we sold our first ADORE store on September 1st to a former ADORE team member and it will now be called J’Adore- so easy to remember!  The Raleigh ADORE will remain owned by Nancy Alinovi with some great changes planned that will enhance the already fabulous shopping experience.  Nancy also has some other business in the works.

Make Fashion Your Own: What I Want to Wear Now

Let’s be honest; I love fashion and the arts. And yes, I do follow trends via mags, the street, and bloggers. However, I  listen to my own drummer and wear what makes me feel like I am expressing myself. So this entry will be just from my little viewpoint, about how I plan on interpreting what I see for myself for the coming season. Take what you want from it, and as always I am always happy to give my opinion on other looks for other people. After all, we don’t all want to look the same.

The maxi skirt and dress is here to stay for awhile, and I have enjoyed wearing both for casual attire. I plan on putting even more maxis into my fall wardrobe.

The over-sized look (a la a cross between the 1980s new romantic look and the 1980s Japanese loose structured designs) is something that is peaking my interest. No balance with this look; think the sloppy Mary Kate Olsen style… big and baggy over big and baggy.  I look forward to wearing a big slouchy sweater over a long skirt.

As I stated in the summer, I am also wearing big bells, whether they be jeans or dress slacks. For me the tighter the upper leg, the better. I will be pairing these with tailored suit jackets for fall, as the suit look is exciting me. I recently wore a vintage men’s plaid suit (with giant platform wedges, of course) and just loved the way I felt. It was the first time in a very long, long time that I had on a pleated front pant, but it worked and actually made me look thinner.

Be creative and be daring–If you make a mistake,  you can usually always run home to change!


McQueen Belle

Summer Fashions

Summer is here and it is getting hot! Some of the trends we are seeing are crop tops and higher waisted bottoms.   Quite refreshing!  Also a look we are loving is the return of the maxi skirt. For a super relaxed “I don’t care” attitude, these look cutting edge worn with an oversize long top. Finish this off with a two handled satchel and you are set to go.  Here at ADORE, Nancy is enjoying wearing the long skirts with shorter boxy tops or jackets paired with high wedge shoes and purses with very long straps.

Also beach-type wear incorporated into everyday life is a way of celebrating the summer… from dresses with revealing cutouts to breezy exotic caftans in aquas and corals. Still love the legging and long top look? Make it summery! Pair cropped capri leggings (try white instead of black) with caftans or long gauzy tops.

Some of our predictions… the back pack and fanny pack will be making a comeback.  Maybe not good news to some but  think it is about time and while rebirth will look hip, they are also so convenient!    We also think the pleated pantsuit paired with sexy shoes is starting to be a hot look. And while the stacked bracelet craze is hitting just about everywhere, keep an eye out for fabulous brooches and pins. We predict they will be adorning even your day wear in the near future!

Spring freshness!

We are so excited spring is on the way. This season we are seeing lots of floral prints  and fruity colors- even in handbags.  Also, the wide leg pant is back- whether in denim or a more dressy fabric. Wear the styles with a higher waist to make them more “now”.

Now that we have been accepting spring merchandise, wonderful items are flowing in and jamming the racks and we are so surprised that even though we still have some chilly days, the spring and summer things are starting to fly… On our recent buying trip we placed lots of orders for some beautiful quality made, easy care jersey dresses and tunics perfect for the beach as well as some great new scarves, beach bags and boho gauzy dresses- so many of our customers hit the beach most weekends!

In the mean time as we plan for the new 2nd ADORE,  North Raleigh store which will be bigger (more room for shopping parties and meetings), we are making some fabulous connections to bring you more high-end designer things as well as some new overstock from Europe. We can’t wait to see what 2011 brings!

Latest News

We are extremely happy to have sold our first Cary store to an ambitious ADORE team member. She named it J’Adore (not hard to remember, right?).  While we are not affiliated  in any way with this store anymore, we, of course, wish her the best!

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ADORE youself… Blogging

Fall is here!

The weather is finally turning. We love the change of seasons as it gives us a chance to change the type of clothing we wear. Sweaters, jackets, coat, scarves and boots are a refreshing change from our summer wardrobes.

ADORE is already selling outwear… this just proves how ready we all are for some brisk weather. We have some great brand new inventory- long sweaters that can be worn instead of coat. Some are fur trimmed, lace trimmed, or trimmed with hardware and as usual we have a huge selections of jackets.

We also have more than several consigned furs from vintage Persian lambs and stoles to more newer minks… with very varied price points. Get ready to snuggle! -the perfect price for something that is glamorous but that you do not always get to wear everyday.

Attention holiday shoppers: Mid November through December, we will have a small men’s gift department focusing on wallets, belts, gloves, and other small like new accessories. And do not forget our 2nd annual BLING Night on Dec. 1st!

Fashion Spark August 12, 2010

The past few months were crazy with lots of great changes as well as our involvement with fashionSPARK.  Stylist, Katie Little put together a great show and we look forward to partnering with her in the future.  Although I loved most all the looks that hit the runway, here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order).

  • The metal fashions of Zac Schell… Oh to be 20 (or 30) again. I loved them on runway last year and after meeting Zac this year, I think I am going to persuade myself to get one of his skirts (to be worn with leggings of course)! He is a great guy and his fashions are cutting edge, sexy and got the crowd so excited.
  • Jess Pati… elegance at its finest. We are thrilled to have one of their dresses in our Cary window!  When their creations hit the runway, there was a hush. Amazing… from the black short embellished dress with the high collar to the flowing ivory silk gown, I was breathless. (Amazing looking designers themselves, I must say- they should have been modeling!- oh and they are really nice too.)
  • Good Girls Studio… OK I am officially addicted. Funny, designer Johanna Ely called this collection Rehab Diva. Her jewelry walked alone (as did another favorite of mine, Jaclyn Anthony Designs) and that in itself is a feat. Oh, the baubles did not prance unencumbered in space- some gorgeous models plainly dressed, carrying martini glasses, ushered them along. As a proud owner of some of her pieces I was so excited. And then the next day at the fashionSPARK shop downtown where I  was supposed to be working/managing… well I think my shopping bag from her tent contained 4 or 5 more pieces. Each is unique, and reconstructed from vintage jewelry, findings, and treasures- all art unto themselves. Did I mention how much I love Johanna herself? I think you get it. (Oh, and we do represent some of her pieces at ADORE so come see them.)
  • Gabrielle Dugan is more of an artist than a designer and her part of the show was almost a little creepy (“in a good way”). She seems to specialize in hand knits and wools. I am personally in love with a black wool skirt that drapes and folds and changes. I had the pleasure to examine it- all hand stitched and I just may have to splurge!
  • Ahpeele has great urban graphic designs. Like Raleigh Denim (who also walked again this year),  which is another successful Raleigh based line, they are both run by a husband/wife team. I love that!! (Hear that Rob?) Their look this year seemed to scream comfort while still looking so hip.
  • The line DANA came out and I love designer Lauren Dana Boyton’s sherbet floor length knit dress as well as a great sky blue flow of a top. She seems to love a simple drape…  and it reminded me of the sea.
  • I got to meet Molly Anderson of Molly Beads and fell in love with the simplicity of some of her pieces…jewelry that to me showcases the beauty of the stones and beads she uses. I just loved the aqua blue with the gold- striking! She was featured in our store window too, but someone begged to buy all her pieces so I think a business relationship has been born! Look forward to more of her work being featured at ADORE.
  • Pilar Ramirez of Ramor did the most amazing, colorful vibrant jewelry all made from orange peels! Like a leather type fabric, she molds and dyes them with organic based dyes. Absolutely beautiful jewelry that does not waste a thing. Her exuberance for her product is well deserved!
  • DOMINO was wild and I loved the vitality of them too.  I wish I could go on about everyone…