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Resale equals Recycling equals Planet Friendly equals Intelligent Style!

In our part of the world, we accumulate and discard clothing at an astonishing rate. Closets become filled to overcapacity with the unworn and unwanted. This is a source of excess consumption and a great opportunity for recycling. Consignment keeps clothes out of landfills, and purchasing locally, rather than from China or other foreign countries, leaves less of a carbon footprint.

Plus $.60 of every dollar made from a locally owned and operated business goes back into the immediate community, compared with $.20 from a box store and $.06 from a chain store!

Recycling clothing and accessories is a great way for anyone looking to save money while finding well-made and unique pieces. Remember, many of the older vintage designer pieces are hand made and couture crafted with quality that  just cannot be replicated today.

Why add any negatives to your shopping trip?  Shopping resale makes you feel good!

Consigned goods — a bargain, a “find” and a guilt-free mind!